High quality, compassionate veterinary care in Austin TX
[email protected] | (512) 338-4300

High quality, compassionate veterinary care in Austin TX
[email protected] | (512) 338-4300


High quality, compassionate veterinary care in Austin TX | [email protected] | 512-338-4300

Microchipping  dog cat and heart

Getting lost isn’t fun for anyone, including your pets. Even indoor pets have been known to make a break for it every now and then. This is one reason why you may want to consider microchipping your pets. If your pet should run away and is rescued and brought to a shelter, having a microchip will help identify your pet so that they can be returned to you.

Microchips are very small, electronic chips that are no bigger than a grain of rice; they contain a digital ID number for identifying your pet.

Microchips do not work as a tracking device. Instead, they operate as a radio-frequency identification (RFID) implant that serves as a permanent ID tag for your pet.

With RFID technology, microchips don’t require batteries or a power source to work. The tiny chips are inserted into your pet (usually between the shoulder blades) by a hypodermic needle. There’s no need for any anesthesia and the chip can be inserted during a regular checkup. If your pet is scanned by a microchip scanner, it generates enough energy to help transmit the ID number. Microchip’s never run out; they last throughout your pet’s life.

This is a perfect safety measure if your pets don’t wear collars with name tags. But, even if they do wear collars, microchipping is still not a bad idea as an extra safety precaution.

Microchipping has been invaluable in helping reconnect missing pets with their owners. If you’re interested in learning more about microchipping your pet, let us know.

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